About us
Hanjoo Light Metal Co., Ltd.
that wishes to join the mainstream of the world’s casting industry through dedication and capacity of Hanjoo’s people
Management Vision
Let’s become the mainstream of the world’s casting industry
with Hanjoo people’s dedication and potentials
Management Philosophy
Give solid trustworthiness to our customers and society based on confidence
Sincerely fulfill the responsibility as a member of the society and the company
Make a sustainable company through creative development
Try to achieve carbon neutrality to save the world
Core Tasks
Destructive New Technology (Distructive New Technoloty)
Through continuous research and development, innovate the existing die casting technologies to become the company’s specialized casting technologies (multi-gravity die casting/dissimilar bonding and gravity die casting technologies, large/hollow low-pressure die casting technologies, electromagnetic stirring and high-pressure die casting technologies, etc.)
Lead Destructive New Form Factor in Automobile Components (Distructive New Form factor)
Destroy the existing form factors of automobiles and lead the form factor that is in all-in-one structure, large in scale and super-light in weight
Destructive Innovation through Super-light Components (Distructive Innovation)
Develop super-light components of excellent quality as well as high strength and high ductility through new technologies and new form factors