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Hanjoo Light Metal Co., Ltd.
that wishes to join the mainstream of the world’s casting industry through dedication and capacity of Hanjoo’s people
CEO’s Greetings
I send my genuine gratitude to everyone visiting Hanjoo Light Metal Co., Ltd.
which is a global aluminum die casting (component) professional.
Representative Director Hanjoo Light Metal Co., Ltd.
I send my gratitude to everyone who visits Hanjoo Light Metal Co., Ltd., the global aluminum die casting professional. I am YONG JIN LEE, the representative director of the company.
Hanjoo Light Metal was established in 1987 when the Korean automobile industry entered the quantitatively expanding period due to remarkable domestic and overseas demand. Thus, we have secured the country’s most excellent business history and the largest aluminum die casting and production. Currently, we are providing super-light technologies applying aluminum die casting technologies to various industries including future environment-friendly automobiles. The super-light casting technologies enable lightening of automobile chassis and frames through lightening of internal combustion engines beyond fuel reduction.
In order to develop into a global company leading the automobile component industry, we have researched and developed our own unique casting technologies based on the experiences over the past three decades. Through innovative technologies and proactive investment, we have grown remarkably as a domestic automobile component professional. Based on our technologies and knowhow built over a long period of time as well as cultivation of creative workforce, we are achieving more challenges and innovations.
Hanjoo Light Metal seeks mutual growth of its customers, employees and the society. We promise to proactively contribute to the casting technology development in the aluminum casting industry, especially, in the area of automobile components. We will realize the conscientious management through compliance with our code of ethics. This will enable us to become a trusted company that practices sharing with and contribution to the society.
Please encourage and pay attention to Hanjoo Light Metal that dreams of a better world all the time and leads the automobile component industry as a global leader.
Thank you very much.